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Cheaper By The Dozen: A Chicken Blog

Written by Travis Olfers. Posted in Food Production


This is the story of how I used -

1 shovel
2 heavy duty gloves
3 garbage cans filled…
4 times each
A 5 foot piece of plywood for the roof
6 steel posts for the outside area
7 weeks of my time complete (after work and very part time of course)
8 chickens to buy
9 runs to the feed store over…
10 months
And listened to 11 of my friends telling me I’m crazy

To build my own chicken coop – and get dozens and dozens of eggs.

And you can too.



Harvesting Sea Salt in Wales

Written by Travis Olfers. Posted in Food Production


If you’ve ever worked with me in the kitchen you might have heard me say “mmm, salt, the secret ingredient!”. Well in early August I was in the UK traveling, tasting and exploring. Being hosted by an expert travel blogger I got to see a few behind the scenes sights such as the Halen Mon Sea Salt factory based in Anglesey, Wales.